Panchakoshi After

Panchakoshi Grade 3

The first photos were taken in early 2017 when students had to study on the dirt floor or fight over limited desk space. Now they have a new classroom with floors, walls and desks for all.

Krishna Grade 2

In our first ever intervention school, we took classrooms in horrible conditions and turned them into bright learning spaces for these young students.

Janakalyan Grade 3

From a space where students were unhappy to learn, to a space where students are happily learning. The difference is huge!

Bhanu Grade 2

The original classroom had dirty, non-insulated carpet and no furniture. Now students have warm carpet and child-friendly tables to use for studying.

Mastanarayan Before

Mastanarayan Grade 1

Students as young as 5 were sitting on these long hard bench seats in this run-down classroom.
We gave them a comfortable and child-friendly place to learn

Kirtikhamba grade 3

Fresh paint and new carpet can drastically change the learning space for our young students. Here they are enjoying the colorful classroom.

Bhanu Grade 1

Without a table, how are students expected to learn to read and write? Basic furniture has changed these classrooms.

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