Our 4 Part Program

ECC Nepal applies our signature 4-part program in every school we work with.
So far this program has been successful in changing over 20 schools in rural Nepal.

Teacher Training

We have developed our own signature teacher training for Nepali teachers. ITLP (interactive teaching and learning practices) is based off Nepali standard curriculum.

All of our teachers receive in person ITLP training as well as the guidebook. They learn teaching strategies, how to engage students, and the best ways to manage a classroom.

In addition, we provide them over 200 interactive games and activities they can use in the classroom.

With this training, the teaching and learning environment in class is completely transformed.


Classrooms Materials

Every classroom receives a set of materials for interactive learning.

Everything teachers need to engage students and use the activities and games from their training is included. Classrooms in Nepal have an extreme lack of resources.

The materials they receive include the basics such as notebooks and pencils, as well as more interactive materials such as individual whiteboards, dice, and flashcards.

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Before students can learn, they need a functional space to do so.

Traditional Nepali classrooms are dirt floors, unfinished walls, and little to no furniture.

Each partner classroom receives new walls and new floors. In addition, students are given child-friendly tables and desks so they don’t have to work on the floor.

We provide racks for bags and shoes, as well as display boards and whiteboards for the walls.

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Training teachers one-time in interactive education alone is not enough.

What sets us apart is the long-term support we provide our teaches. We visit every classroom multiple times a year. We work alongside our teachers to try out new teaching techniques.

Teachers are encouraged to call us, to ask questions, and to reach out for support when needed.

Because we really invest in our teachers, we can see sustainable and lasting changes to the teaching and learning environment.

Every child deserves an education. Give a child the gift of education today