Gamaudi School Project

Gamaudi School Project is ECC’s research-based pilot project in Gamaudi VDC Dullu Municipality of Nepal. HSP works through many different avenues to create a new method for changing the standard of education. Instead of just focusing on the classroom, or the school environment, HSP is a model that brings together teaching and learning, school leadership, school infrastructure, parents, and the general community together.

HSP works in all 5 primary schools in the Gamaudi V.D.C. and the active intervention is planned for 3 years. It officially started in February of 2018 with the first round of training and material distribution.

HSP’s first target area is the actual classroom. Teachers are getting trained on ATLP (link) which is ECCs own guide of effective teaching methods. The teachers are learning how to creative an interactive classroom with minimum materials. They get a set of new materials for their classroom and then extensive training and monitoring as they try out new interactive methods.

HSP’s next target area is school management. ECC is working with school leaders and community members to create school improvement plans, leadership workshops, and long-term goals for the structure and management of the schools.

HSPs next target areas are infrastructure (link), school environment through school lunch program (link) and school community garden (link), as well as an income generation project for parents in the community (link).

The classroom is vital, but influences on education extend far beyond the classroom. HSP hopes that targeting the community as a whole, will provide a more effective model for providing quality education in rural Nepal.

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