All the schools in our HSP zone as well as the new schools we are expanding to will get massive infrastructure changes. The first priority is getting plaster in every one of our classrooms. So far in our 5 HSP schools, only 3 rooms have plaster out of 15 rooms. By November, we will have plastered and added basic paint (white or simple colour) to all 15 school rooms. Then in 2019 our 13 new lead schools will receive the same makeover Infrastructure has a big impact on teacher motivation and school environment. ECC believes if the school environment gives off the vibe of a successful well-run school, then the teaching and learning in the classroom will follow suit. Not to mention, students deserve a clean, well light, inviting place to study.

This plaster and basic paint project sets us up for a massive painting project in November where artists will come into all our HSP schools and paint fun creative murals all the walls to make the rooms inviting and exciting for students and teachers alike!

In addition to the plaster and paint, rooms for grades 1-3 are getting carpeting and insulation so students can work in groups on the ground around new child-friendly tables. All grades that don’t already have child friendly furniture will be getting new furniture made for their classroom.

In the future, ECC will continue to put energy into infrastructure projects as needed such as creating playgrounds, creating compound walls, and other general infrastructure improvement in the schools.

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