Meet Nisha

Life in rural Nepal is not easy, and children are no exception to this. Nisha is a 12-year old girl from one of the remote villages ECC works in. Before school, Nisha doesn’t watch TV, eat cereal, or play with toys. Instead she is sweeping the floors, starting a fire, and bringing water from the town tap. She walks almost 30 minutes to her school every day.

Nisha is a graduate of an ECC partner school. We only work with grades 1-5, but that does not mean we stop supporting our students after graduation. Nisha and her classmates have free library and computer classes on Saturdays as part of the “Graduated student support program”

“Before this library, I had never seen a computer or read a book. In my new school, we don’t have either. So I’m excited every Saturday to come and learn”

– Nisha

Library with kids in it

Watch her story

Hear from Nisha herself about her life, how much she loves learning, and her dreams for her future.