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ECC was born from two people’s passion for quality education and especially quality education in rural Nepal.

Min had been working in education development in Nepal for almost 15 years before he met Janie. Janie was an American student studying development and social change in Nepal for a semester. This course required students to do independent research, and with Janie’s bachelors in child-development, she searched for a research project in primary education. Then she met Min. When Min sent Janie to a small rural village in Dailkeh for the first time (Min’s birthplace) she didn’t know what to expect. But after falling in love with the people, the schools, and seeing the standard of education in the classroom, she was hooked. and the rest is, as they say, history.

Together, the two decided to leave their current commitments behind and join together to develop a pilot project in this area that would provide research on effective methods for changing the standard of education in rural Nepal. They developed their own training methods, packages based on Janie’s knowledge of active and interactive teaching and learning. After they raised enough money, they began their intervention.

It’s been a project of passion, and both took a huge risk putting all their resources into this new idea but they are determined to make it effective. The payoff is, hopefully, a new replicable method for changing the principles of teaching and learning in rural Nepal.

ECC News

Creating child friendly furniture

ECC has completed their new desks for all three of their primary schools. They were given to grades one through three and built by locals in the community. These tables are to replace the long bench-like desks that previously worked in this classrooms. In some...

Pre-Primary and Early Childhood Education in Nepal

In our previous GCE blog post, we described the need for quality pre-primary/early childhood education in rural Nepal, and what Educate the Children (ETC) has done in years past to help ensure that more children can and do receive quality early education – giving them...

Nepal: how best to enhance the quality of education?

The EFA Global Monitoring Report published in early 2014 reported that around 250 million children do not have basic skills in literacy and numeracy even after four years of school, or don’t even make it to grade 4. The quality issue is serious. But what is meant by...

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