ECC Nepal is celebrating 4 years of changing lives through education. We have been able to accomplish so much and help thousands of people in the past 4 years.

More important than these statistics is the stories from real people who have been impacted by our project. To celebrate 4 years, we want to share with you 4 impact stories from both students and teachers. ECC has made a lasting and incredible impact on their lives and futures.

Bhabana’s Story:

My house is not so far from the school and it is about 30 minutes’ walk in the morning but it is shorter in the evening because the road is going down. I’ve always liked to come to school, but I love it even more after ECC started to work in our school. Sometimes in the farming season my mom wants to keep me at home to help with domestic work. This makes me frustrated and angry. But nowadays, my parents have started to understand me and see how good our school is with ECC. They see how important and useful education is and send me to school always. Compared with before, my school is getting better and better after the ECC project. It’s very clean with carpet to sit on, small tables, white boards for each student, many story books, play materials and water supply for hand washing.

I like to go library for story reading and also to type on the computer. I had never seen computer before. It is strange with all the colors and pictures. Also, teachers have changed and they want us to ask questions in class. They use teaching materials and games so I understand better in class now. There is shelf in our classroom and we have all materials for teaching learning. I want to be a pilot in the future and to travel around the world.

Durga’s Story:

I teach grade 1-2 at our small local school. Before the ECC, it was boring to teach. It was incredibly difficult to make sure that students understand what I am teaching. I was confused how to facilitate students better because I just didn’t have enough training or support.

After ECC worked with me, I have many more ideas to teach and I am encouraged to try out new ideas during the classroom teaching and learning. The ATLP (active teaching and learning) package requires more time to prepare better lessons. But ECC has supported me with classroom management and teaching and learning materials making everything easier in the classroom and at school. Students have lunch containers so they can eat at school now. We have a system to keep our school clean and ECC even helped us plant a kitchen garden at school.

The most effective and important material provided by ECC is the white boards, which is an extremely motivating tool for students. It helps them draw, write, and be involved in class. I hope ECC will help us get computers and power in our school in the future.

Nisha’s Story:

My father runs a small business in the local market so my house is close to the school and it is easy to come to school. I used to be absent from school sometimes before ECC started. But now, I love to come every day. My mother hopes sometimes for me to be at home and help her, but I sneak out and leave early for school. I even forget I’m hungry and need to go home for a snack because I enjoy school so much.

There are so many things that are better in our school after ECC: Paint, furniture, carpet, play materials, notebook, crayons, word cards, and storybooks. The tiffin lunch program is good because I can bring food from home and eat instead of being hungry. Skipping rope, ball and other play materials are my favorites so I can play during recess.

Since we got the shelves in our rooms, the teachers started to teach us with materials and activities. We get to be a part of class instead of just listening. It’s much easier to understand. I mostly I like word card activities, drawing, and coloring. Also, teachers stopped being angry with us in the classroom but instead they help us.

I want to be a doctor when I grow up and work for the village.

Ganesh’s Story:

I was trying my best in teaching and learning even before the ECC intervention. It felt so difficult because the students were just not understanding. But now working with ECC materials like whiteboards, word cards, storybooks and many other activities teaching feels easy. I am sure that students are learning better.

ECC supported many useful and important materials and skills that it is easier to link one topic to another and to involve students actively during the learning process. Its main achievement is that students are learning better and they are more creative and able to express their ideas. The pattern of classroom teaching and learning – “I Do – We Do – You Do” looks simple but very effective to perform lessons perfectly. It has really helped me!

Another basic and important support by ECC is classroom setting. We have a lively and child-friendly classroom where students can learn comfortably. ECC helped us set up a play station, pure drinking water, and safe school premises so that both parents and students are happy.

Laxman’s Story:

My house is quite far from school so I walk 30/40 minutes every day to come to school. But I always like to come to school because I want to get good test scores in my exams. I am going to be a doctor one day.

ECC has increased my level of motivation to come to school. I just cannot stay at home. Even when my parents ask me to stay at home, I can’t! I want to come to school every day because I want to learn new things. Before I didn’t always learn, but now our teachers really help me learn every day!

ECC has given us many books, teaching supplies and sports materials. Our school is much better than before. Now, it is the best school! We even have water, lunch boxes, and clean classrooms.

I like the ECC way of learning because I can learn a lot more. I especially love learning by playing with cards and other games. Our teachers now teach us very clearly. Before the classes were boring, but now they are fun. The allow us to use the special materials in all our classes.

Laxmi’s Story:

I was having trouble paying my schools fees, stationary and daily expenses to continue my higher-level studies. It was a big burden for my parents. I had to work hard in the farm during the holidays and every morning and evening to help them make money. I needed a way to earn money to continue studying.

ECC gave me a big opportunity for both learning and earning when they hired me as the librarian. At the beginning of staring this job, I had no idea about classroom teaching-learning, how to deal with the students, and the school environment. After joining ECC, I got much more than just an income. I got ideas, knowledge, skills, and future hope. I am learning how to not just teach students but prepare them for a better future.

ECC’s support for teaching-learning, tiffin boxes, kitchen garden, sports, and storybooks is life-changing. Parents and community people see the improvements from ECC, so they are motivated and more involved in education.

I see this school as a role model. The school premises, physical facilities, and classroom environment are attracting students. Many students from other schools enrolled in our school and the number of students increased 72 last year to 94 this year. I can run my library as a role model so that more students and other communities can be benefitted by my ideas.

Ghanashyam’s Story:

I walk 30 minutes to school every day. I used to be absent sometimes, but after ECC I have not missed any school. My mother asks me to stay home during the harvesting time and festivals, but I always answer her “No, I love school too much!” No matter what, I come to school anyway.

There are so many changes in my school after ECC. I like to come to school now because I can play with our classroom materials and read books. Now that ECC works here, our school has plants, a playground, a place to wash our hands, and we have clean, wonderful classrooms! We even have notebooks for every student.

ECC completely changed our classroom. Before, it was dirty and we would sit on the floor, but now we have carpet, small tables, shelves, and different materials to play with. The word cards and whiteboards are fun for learning!

Now I understand what my teachers are teaching me. Before ECC, I struggled to understand anything.

I want to be a doctor in the future.

Ganesh Sir’s Story:

I was always frustrated! Students were confused and not able to learn what I wanted to teach them. I used to try different methods and ideas but they were not able to achieve a real sense of learning. They were always unable to answer the questions. I realized that I had no ideas according to how they actually learn.

After ECC started the teaching and learning process became so easy! Because of the training in child-centered Interactive and the materials provided. ECC changed everything.

The intervention changed both inside and outside the classroom. There is better seating, enough materials for all students, and new tables. We have library books and reference materials for teachers about effective teaching. But most importantly, students are excited to learn, and they are learning more! Students are happy to come to school, actively participate in class, and are enthusiastic to learn. Their achievement level has increased significantly.

The interactive method of teaching and learning will be sustainable in this school. Also, the teaching and learning materials will be there forever. These changes will last for years and years to come. Hundreds of students will benefit. Thank you ECC.